quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2018

Gato's Eurovision Poll [2018]

Hi there everyone and welcome to Portugal!
We are currently following Eurovision Song Contest 2018 developments and so we want to know your opinion on who should be the winner of this year's edition in beautiful Lisbon.

We have two polls in order to see what are your top 10 songs of each semifinal of the contest, which would then be going on to the big FINAL.

Vote for the 1st Semifinal HERE and for the 2nd Semifnal HERE. Alternatively, you can just go to www.menti.com and use the code 99 77 39 to vote for the 1st Semifinal and the code 49 27 to vote for the 2nd Semifinal!

Tell us what YOU think and see the results changing LIVE as everyone is voting from all around the world

We hope you enjoy participating and please share this post with all your friends so that we can cast the maximum number of votes possible!! We count on you ;)

8 comentários:

  1. Why don't you have Finland there at all?

  2. Where is Finland from the list???!!!?

  3. Finland is not in that list! Why?!?!?

  4. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  5. Hi everyone! I'm so sorry about that... Thank you for the warning! As I filled out all the options Finland was accidentaly left out. The problem is now fixed and the votes for the first semifinal will start over from now on, with Finland included this time. If you had already voted you will have to vote again to make it count, because all previous results had to be erased in order to correct the mistake. See you soon ;)


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